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Chapter 07 – Transferability of Quality Criteria

The final chapter is dedicated to the questions transferability of project results and the quality criteria developed in the project. It consists of a document on quality criteria, a concept text on transferability and the Baltic Energy Declaration as a consensus document related to the findings and conclusions of the PEA project.

The results achieved in the PEA – Public Energy Alternative project should be easily transferable to other regions and institutions of the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) and beyond. As PEA has been mainly addressing public authorities of regions (e.g. counties) and municipalities the results elaborated within the project needed to meet the specific needs of these target groups. Results were produced on regional level and compiled on transnational level for comparability and for showing different solutions according to different preconditions.

Obstacles lay in a high demand for awareness rising – potential users of the provided information (i.e. regions and municipalities) have to be reached in order to take notice and make use of the results. This will be tackled by a thoroughly planned and professionalized public relation work. Two specific activities of the PEA project focus on the one hand on transferability of results and on the other hand on a catalogue for quality and sustainability criteria:

• Transferability of results
Raising awareness on energy themes for municipalities and regions was one of the main aims of the PEA project and the compilation of ideas and approaches from all over the BSR helped to achieve this. This is also true for the implementation strategies: It was not enough to elaborate strategies on what could be done, it was also important to show how it can be done. All single implementation strategies were discussed within the partnership and with external experts (e.g. form already existing energy regions) in order to be able to give recommendations that are transferable and applicable in different regions and under individual preconditions. The partnership elaborated a document which compiles recommendations for further development and for transferability of results.

Recommendations for Transfer of Results and Findings

• Quality and sustainability criteria and indicators
Monitoring and evaluation has been an essential part of project management. Therefore a set of templates and guidance for elaborating baseline studies and energy strategies were elaborated (see in the first part of the Baltic Energy Compendium). The second important sets of tools are questionnaires and interviews that gave additional opportunities to monitor the progress and success of different activities within the PEA project. They were used for evaluating processes rather than products and thus helped to improve work flow and identify obstacles on different work and implementation levels.

In close relation with above described activities is the definition of quality and sustainability criteria and indicators that enabled the evaluation team to check on the progress and success of the respective actions and outputs. Furthermore criteria and indicators for quality and sustainability to measure the success of actions and outputs will be elaborated. They were mostly applied in the questionnaires and interviews. The criteria and indicators were developed together with respective outputs, meaning for example that developing the overall structure of baseline papers or training modules includes the definition of quality criteria. A comprehensive catalogue of quality and sustainability criteria on energy saving and efficiency was set up ensuring high standards in developing new methods and means for municipality level. The maintenance of the documents on the project platform is ensured beyond the project lifetime, so other energy-related projects have the opportunity using this support for assessing and improving their processes and outcomes. You can find the document by using the following link:

Catalogue for Quality Criteria and Sustainability criteria on energy saving and efficiency

Also “Recommendations for Transfer of Results and Findings” have been written and can be found in this download section. As a political conclusion a “Baltic Energy Declaration” has been stipulated and signed by all project partners as a platform for transfer of key findings and political consensus from the project. You can find the document by using the following link:

Baltic Energy Declaration

Being ready to follow the recommendations and to make adjustments to own needs and preconditions will enabled transferring the results easily to regions and municipalities around the BSR and beyond. Transferring the results can be achieved mainly through the documents produced (e.g. the Baltic Energy Compendium and the Renewable Energy Guide).