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Chapter 05 – Tool application

To be able to promote alternative sources of energy and energy production the effects on regional economies had to be analysed and documented. Cost-benefit analysis and an analysis of complete value added chains were part of the main activities in this field of work package 5. The regions involved in this WP worked out analysing procedures together with experts from scientific organisations and along already existing models that will be adapted to the special needs and requirements. A web-based tool for cost-benefit-analysis concerning value added chains has been developed and can be accessed via the PEA project website. You can access these tools under the items
• Solar Energy Calculator for water heating
• Online tool for assessment of sustainable energy arrangements in the left navigation menu.

Implementation also includes financial aspects. General investment needs must be analyzed in order to provide a clear basis for the implementation. Setting up examples business plans therefore has been a part of the project activities in order to sensitize the participating local authorities on economic aspects. A guideline “How to make a Business plan – a small guideline for the PEA Partners” had been set up and can be downloaded here:

How to make a Business Plan

Based on this guideline a set of Business plans for investments in local energy projects has been carried out and are presented in this section of the compendium. Eventually all these activities will lay the grounds for investments and pilot projects and will smoothen the way for other fields of actions, too. You can download the business plans by using the following links:

Business Plan – Financing Model Estonia
Business Plan – Financing Model Wittenberge
Business Plan – Financing Model Solar Poland
Business Plan – Financing Model Kraslava
Business Plan – Financing Model Ylivieska

The Renewable Energy Guide is a computer tool developed during PEA project in order to assist local authorities of the BSR region developing RES projects. The Guide is supposing to help local authorities both at the decision making, the planning stage of the project as well as at the stage of project validation:

The Renewable Energy Guide

Another focus in tool development has been laid on managing new forms of energy production and respective facilities and plants. On production level operation models for energy innovation management have been developed, considering a total quality management (TQM) approach. TQM as a business management strategy aimed at embedding awareness of quality in all organizational processes. One major aim was to reduce variation from every process so that greater consistency of effort is obtained, the chance of mistakes is minimized and costs are reduced. Respective methods, criteria and monitoring processes have been elaborated, tested during project lifetime and designed as a general and transferable model for use in every day life of the organisations concerned. Guideline, templates and test cases are also available for download here:

Quality Management Tools & Models