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Thursday, 19.04.2018


Baltic Energy Compendium available now

The achievements and findings of the PEA project partnership were compiled in a single document, the Baltic Energy Compendium. The Compendium gives useful advices on planning and implementing local energy strategies. To illustrate the planning and implementing of such strategies the Compendium consists of practical examples from the partner regions such as baseline studies, Regional Energy Strategies and Energy Action Plans. To support the institutions and organizations interested in conducting their own energy projects several templates, guidelines and criteria catalogues are part of the Compendium. To complete the Compendium some web-based tools like a wiki or calculation tools for cost-benefit-analyses are provided as well.

It is the aim of the Compendium to inform about conducted regional energy projects that contributed to the extension of the use of renewable energy sources and to increased energy efficiency as well as a risen awareness on energy-related topics. Further it tends to inspire new projects and efforts on RES and RUE in a regional context. So the Compendium can be found under the project`s website and it´s single documents can be downloaded for free.

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