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Friday, 20.04.2018


Saving water, saving energy!

A cooperation of PEA and Lahden Talot (FI)

PEA -project partner LUAS (FI) project manager Jussi Leppänen took part in the Lahden Talot water saving project in Lahti, Finland. The idea of involvement was to introduce energy aspects of the use of domestic water and thus introduce a wider perspective on water saving.

Lahden Talot -concern is the biggest housing company in Lahti region. Lahden Talot possess about 5700 housings and provide accommodation for almost 10 000 citizens -meaning 10 % of inhabitants in the city of Lahti. Lahden Talot launched water saving project in January 2012. The project was introduced to tenants in two separate occasions and tenants were committed to water saving by organizing a competition among them.

The share of the hot water use in households is significant and it is estimated that about one-fifth of the energy consumed in households is used to heat up domestic water. Typical water consumption in Finland varies between 90-270 litres/person/day, while realistic target level of water consumption is estimated to be about 130 litres/person/day.

On this basis significant amount of energy could be saved by cutting down water consumption in households. According to recent surveys up to 0,6 MWh/person/year could be saved by reducing hot water consumption in households. If Lahden Talot water saving project can reach this kind of figures it would mean notable energy savings without investments.

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