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Friday, 20.04.2018


BIOGAS – an underestimated fuel (radio interview)

Below you will find an abstract from a radio interview with Prof. Adam Cenian (The Szewalski Institute Polish Academy of Sciences – project partner of PEA) on 14th October 2011 in Radio Gdańsk (PL).

Prof. Adam Cenian talked about chances for energy production in Poland. The advantage of biogas, compared to wind or solar energy, is that it can be supplied constantly, independently from wind or sun conditions. Regarding biogas production, the most potential in Poland Prof. Cenian sees in waste utilization. Unfortunately, opposite to Germany or Sweden, investments in biogas installations are not supported financially by the Polish state. There is need for promoting this kind of renewable energy among decision makers but also to the broader public. For this reason there has been a number of workshops and conferences organized by the Szewalski Institute on this matter – one of them was Baltic Biogas Forum organiszd in September 2011 in frame of PEA project.

You may hear the full interview (in Polish) using the link below:

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