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Friday, 20.04.2018


PEA is part of the BSR Energy Cluster “Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources“

The PEA project (represented by the Leadpartner the City of Wittenberge and the project partner City of Niepolomice) together with the projects of the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013 Longlife (Clusterleader), Baltic Biogas Bus, Bioenergy Promotion, COOL Bricks, REMOWE, SPIN and Urb.Energy form the new instrument of transnational cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region – the cluster projects. The cluster “Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources” was approved by the secretariat and is ready to be launched. The instrument enables a joint dissemination of tools and best practices developed by the involved single projects.
The kick-off conference of the Energy cluster on the 10th of November 2011 in Berlin was the official start of the Energy Cluster. The aim is to capitalise the use of knowledge and results produced in the so far approved projects and to increase their respective visibility.
PEA is looking forward to the new level of joint work and experiences as the first cluster initiative in the BSR.

The Cluster Website for more information is:

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