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Sunday, 22.04.2018


Decreasing Energy Costs

Regional Conference on Energy and Cost Efficiency in SME´s took place in Wittenberge (GER)

Energy saving means costs saving. This is very important especially for regional and local enterprises. Less costs for energy supply is an advantage in competition. The regional core of growth (RWK) Prignitz and the EU project Public Energy Alternatives (PEA) organized a regional conference on this topic and invited all interested entrepreneurs of the region to inform themselves about possibilities and opportunities to save energy and costs in their business.

Rising commodity prices and increased costs for the energy supply are not only a challenge for private households but also for enterprises of the producing sector. Many entrepreneurs of SME´s feel perplexed and powerless towards rising energy costs especially as they do not deal with this topic as seriously as they should due to the “every-day-challenges” of their own business.

The answer on rising energy costs is as simple as attractive: Just consume less energy. And the next question is: How? How to decrease energy related costs? Which possibilities for more energy efficiency exist? What are the advantages? How to implement an energy management system? Is there a funding or other support?

All these questions where discussed at the regional conference on energy efficiency which took place at 24th November in Wittenberge.

The event was opened by the mayor of Wittenberge, Dr. Oliver Hermann. He underlined the benefits which are linked to energy efficiency in regional enterprises. These benefits are not only lower energy costs what would mean more funds for other tasks but also a lower demand of energy is a promotional advantage for businesses as well. Not only will the enterprises themselves profit by energy efficiency activities. Hermann pointed out that municipalities and communes will also benefit by sound and prosper enterprises. So it is not only the task of the enterprises to take care for energy efficiency but also for the public administration.

After Dr. Hermann finished his speech several experts informed about how to take energy efficiency actions and how to get funds for it. Two local business men introduced already taken energy efficiency actions of their enterprises.

Nearly 50 people gathered to get information on this important issue. Most of them were local business men and women. Some representatives of the public administration and municipalities of the Prignitz region joined the event as well.

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