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Saturday, 21.04.2018


Sustainable energy solutions in the urban and regional context – reflection on EU support

An information event of Urb.Energy in cooperation with the INTERREG IVB projects PEA Public Energy Alternatives and Longlife in Bruessels

The Urb.Energy project, in cooperation with the Representation of the Land Brandenburg in Brussels and the INTERREG IV B projects Public Energy Alternatives, represented by the project management from atene KOM and Longlife, had invited to the conference on the 25th of May.

With the help of specific experiences of three INTERREG IV B projects addressing the building sector, and the urban and the regional levels of government the event was dedicated to initiate an exchange between experts from the European Commission, the European Parliament, representatives from cities and regions as well as other relevant European stakeholders.
Christian Huttenloher from the German Association for Housing, Urban and Spatial Development presented the Urbenergy project (see photo) with the topic: Integrated approaches for the energy efficient upgrading of residential areas: Experiences from the INTERREG IVB project Urb.Energy.
The presentation given by René Daszenies, project manager of the PEA project with the topic: Promotion of renewable energy scources as a driving force for the development of rural regions: Experiences from the INTERREG IVB project PEA,  can be found here.

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