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Friday, 20.04.2018


Experts discuss possibilities of a water mill in the river Elbe

15th March 2011 / Cottbus – Experts from the BTU Cottbus, representatives of the PEA project in Wittenberge and regional enterprisers discussed the realisation of a water mill in the river Elbe in Wittenberge. This highlight project shall demonstrate the possibilities of energy production from water.

Wittenberge ist located directly at the river Elbe. So it is obvious to use the power of water to generate electricity from this renewable source. The challenge is that the river Elbe is a very slow floating river and the usual technologies like common water mills or water wheels could not produce enough energy in an efficient way at this particular part of the river.
“We have to find new ways and we have to think about new technologies to use the power of this slow floating river to produce energy from water. It is a bit an ambivalent situation that we have in Wittenberge. There is one of the biggest European rivers just in front of our entry door but we can´t exploit this potential by using common technology” said Eckhard Britt, PEA project manager in Wittenberge.
It is planned to search for alternative fluid engineering to construct a water mill which increases the flow velocity of the inflowing water to boost the effectiveness of the turbine. So the output power of the water mill could reach up to 10 kW. The produced electricity could be used to illuminate the boardwalk of the river Elbe or other touristic spots nearby.
Next to the PEA project office in Wittenberge experts from the Institute for Aerodynamics and Fluid Engineering of the BTU Cottbus and local companies from Wittenberge are involved in this project.
As a result of the meeting it was agreed to intensify the cooperation between the partners regarding this single project. The partners from BTU Cottbus check their possibilities to integrate the work for this project into their daily workflow. The PEA project office in Wittenberge already clarified the conditions for installing a water mill in the river Elbe and to collect the generated electricity and to induct it into the local electricity net.

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