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Sunday, 22.04.2018


Meeting in Võru

The PEA project work meeting of Võru County Government (PEA project partner) and the representatives of Võru county local municipalities took place on Wednesday 09.02 in Võru, Estonia.
The main topics of the meeting were the potentials of energy resource research, the energy strategy of Võru County and the local municipalities’ involvement in the whole process. During the meeting, the necessity and tasks of the energy strategy were discussed. The question, how to help municipalities to find a financing partner for their energy strategy and how to implement these in their investment preparation, were clarified. The organization of data-collection, monitoring and the measuring of the strategy results and the implementation were planned. As the energy studies and the energy management for this strategy are based on the level of local municipality, the discussion and the input of these topics was an important task to be done to prepare further steps.

Monday, 14.02.2011 15:08 Age: 7 Years