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Thursday, 19.04.2018

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PEA – Baltic Energy Compendium

The Baltic Energy Compendium is the key deliverable of the PEA project. The Compendium has a twofold character: At one side it is a practice related manual on planning and implementing local energy strategies which contains guidance material like criteria for decisions, questionnaires and templates for all steps of the process from stocktaking of the local needs and potentials to the development of regional energy action plans. At the other side practical examples for applying these tools in the different participating regions and locations are shown for each step of the process like baseline papers, strategy papers and action plans. Both, guiding documents as well as their application are results form a collection of project results which have been realized during the project. The content of this compendium can be classified in two categories:
First category is the setup of definitions and quality criteria for sustainability and their application in the participating regions. The second category concerns examples of measures for assisting the implementation of regional and local energy policies like pilot investments at local level, feasibility studies, business plans, quality management and strategic qualification measures. The compendium is completed by webbased tools like a data base in form of a wiki and calculation tools for cost benefit analysis of investments in renewable energy production as well as a renewable energy guide for local decision makers published in the download section of the project website.

We are very happy to present this final version of the Compendium and would like to thank all those partners who supported us so very much. Please feel free do download the content as an inspiration for your future projects and in memory of the PEA project.