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Saturday, 21.04.2018

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University of Applied Science Wildau

Responsible project manager: Paul Fiedler


University of Applied Sciences Wildau

The Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau (UAS Wildau) was founded in 1991 and is located in Wildau, in the state of Brandenburg, in the south of Berlin. The UAS Wildau sets priorities in the fields of practical degree courses and on active technology transfer.

The UAS Wildau offers mechanical engineering, physics engineering and process and energy engineering and is the only university in Brandenburg which offers logistics and the only university in Germany with a degree in telematics. The UAS Wildau also offers degrees in industrial engineering (also with facility management), business administration, business computing, business and law and administration and law. Especially the education and research fields energy technology, facility management, logistics and telematics are of great importance for the PEA project.

The modern and future-oriented range of degrees at the UAS Wildau includes courses in business, administration and engineering. The University Wildau offers direct study courses and distance learning courses. The university is also active in applied research and development.

The UAS Wildau concentrates on direct contacts with business in both their teaching and applied research, and as a result the university has become a significant regional player and an important employer since it was founded. In its statute a task for the regional development was defined. Following this, the networks, working groups and direct contacts cover the complete Federal State of Brandenburg.

The Research Group Transport Logistics of the university which has applied for the PEA partnership was founded in 2004 and is managed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Herbert Sonntag. The Research Group works together with industrial partners and academic institutes as well as the transfer centres of the university to develop customer specific solutions in the field of goods transport. The main research areas of the Research Group Transport Logistics are intermodal freight transport, analysis and management of logistics processes, cost-benefit-analysis, warehouse logistics with interfaces to external logistics, timber logistics, logistics supply chains for regenerative energy production, transport telematics and urban goods movement.

The Research Group Transport Logistics already has considerable experiences in EU projects (several INTERREG projects) and in national projects related to the topic of the innovative use of alternative resources and energies and logistics of energy wood. The Research Group Transport Logistics leads also German wide networks (e. g. Network management and the development of new concepts is an integrated part of the Research Group’s daily work.

One important task of the UAS Wildau is the transfer of knowledge from research into praxis. The transfer of knowledge is one aspect the university expects from the PEA project as well as gaining knowledge from the other partners. The UAS Wildau will contribute to the PEA project with its competence in the field of logistics for energy wood and expects new information about the application of regional concepts for energy supply out of the PEA project. The UAS Wildau aims as well at initiating following projects with the PEA partners and establishing long-lasting connections.