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Saturday, 21.04.2018

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Lahti University of Applied Science

Responsible project manager: Jussi Leppänen


Lahti University of Applied Sciences

Lahti University of Applied Sciences (LUAS) is a large, multidisciplinary institution of higher education. It is a centre of expertise that trains professionals in response to labour market needs and conducts R&D, which supports Lahti area regional development in particular. LUAS offers education in the fields of business, design and communication, fine arts, music, tourism and hospitality management, social and health care, engineering and technology. There are over 5,000 enrolled students who study in twenty Bachelor-level degree programmes with over forty specialisation lines. Students are selected by entrance examination and taught by full-time teaching staff of approximately 250. LUAS also employs annually part-time teachers from other academic institutions, business and industry.

Additionally LUAS offers Master-level postgraduate degree programmes in selected fields of study. The degrees have been designed to respond to the needs of business and industry. Practical training and projects as well as active cooperation with business, industry and other organizations are an integral part of the studies. The students are also able to take part in EU funded R&D projects. Nearly all of the Bachelor’s and Master’s theses at LUAS are made-to-order for companies and other organisations. Studies are also characterised by freedom of choice. Initiative, individuality, and teamwork are encouraged. Degree programmes in English are offered to students all around the world, large amount of exchange students visit LUAS annually and many Finnish students go to study at partner universities abroad for one or two semesters.

LUAS participates actively in international research co-operations that support teaching, serve working life and regional development. Over the years LUAS has gained considerable experience in managing and implementing international projects. In 2004 LUAS founded an Innovation Centre to intensify the impact of its R&D work. Its main focus areas of R&D are environment, design and practise-oriented innovation. R&D resources are targeted on those areas.

PEA project will support the development and implementation of regional energy strategies and foster the increase of environmental knowledge and raise awareness on sustainable and efficient production and use of energy in Lahti region. PEA project will also foster energy related R&D&I work in Lahti region. In 2010 Clean Energy Center Energon was accomplished by Lahti Science and Business Park Ltd together with Lahti University of Applied Sciences. It is a modern center for the research of renewable energy and energy efficiency and piloting of new technologies. Cooperation with the Clean Energy Center will speed up investments on renewable energy and energy efficiency.