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Saturday, 21.04.2018

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Ylivieska Subregion

Responsible project manager: Juho Korteniemi


Ylivieska Subregion

The Ylivieska district consists of six municipalities that are located on the west coast of Finland in Northern Ostrobothnia (Pohjois-Pohjanmaa). The area has 44 000 inhabitants and the largest town in the region is Ylivieska, with 14 000 inhabitants.

Manufacturing is the main business activity in this area. The main challenge of the district is to increase industrial innovation and to develop the service business sector. Agriculture is an important source of income. In fact, Ylivieska district is one of the biggest meat and milk producers in Finland. Similarly, forestry and wood processing also form one of the foundations of commercial life in the district. In addition to basic manufacturing and agriculture, bioenergy is seen as a new opportunity in the development of further rural commercial activities.

Ylivieska has excellent facilities to maximise the production of renewable energy. A lot of work has already been done to this end within district municipalities and companies and as a result, several renewable energy schemes are in progress. Bio-fuel development work is in full swing. The strong agricultural sector provides a sound base for the production of biogas and several local enterprises are actively involved in this development process. The region produces wind power on the shores of the Gulf of Bothnia and new wind power projects are also ongoing.

The objective of the PEA project is to advance the use of renewable energy sources and to attract investment to the Ylivieska district. The project is also aiming to bring together renewable energy supply projects and companies operating in the region. As yet, this has not been done at a regional level. A district renewable energy supply strategy and action plan will also be drawn up.

There is currently a great need for such a strategy not only at a local level but also as regards national energy policy. The PEA project will come just at the right time to boost the development of growing district business opportunities. Consequently, the Ylivieska district will stand out as a genuinely green region that actively supports sustainable development.