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Friday, 20.04.2018

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Krāslava Municipality Council

Responsible project manager: Laila Vilmane


Krāslava Municipality Council

Kraslava municipality is situated in the region of blue lakes – in Latgale, the most south-eastern corner of Latvia, not far from the border between Latvia and Belarus.

Kraslava is a very picturesque district. Its Latvian nickname, “The land of blue lakes”, stems from the almost 101 large and small lakes that lay in the district. Dridzis Lake (65 m in depth) is the deepest lake in the Baltic States; Sivers is the largest lake in Kraslava district.

The district’s administrative centre Kraslava town with 10 958 inhabitants is situated on the turn of the fateful river Daugava, the biggest river, which crosses the whole Latvia and joins to the Baltic Sea, in a picturesque valley. Castle mounds around Kraslava indicate that this was an important centre also in ancient times. Kraslava was first mentioned in historical sources in 1558. The rapid development of the town is connected with the name of Count Ludvig Plater, who acquired Kraslava in 1729. The memory of the Plater family lives on in the walls of the main residence – Kraslava Castle and Roman Catholic Church.

The district with 20 243 inhabitants corresponds in terms of area (1078,4 km²) to the average among Latvian districts. Woods cover some 35% of the territory and 40% is farmland. Lakes and rivers also occupy much of the district’s total area. The structure of land use is similar to that in the northern part of EU countries, though the intensity of agricultural activities is lower.

Economic structure of region is based on agriculture. In the last years Kraslava district farmers’ received wide experience in the field of energy plants growing. Project PEA is new challenge not only for enterpriser of Kraslava district, but also other Latvia municipalities. Kraslava municipality will work on new approaches to increase energy efficiently by a broader stakeholder involvement based on own other partners experience in alternative energy issues. Establishment of showcase demonstrating the use of brand will be included new renewable produced (hempcrete) for insulation of its public building, test the reduction in costs of running a public owned building.