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Saturday, 21.04.2018

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Ignalina District Municipality

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Ricardas Trimonis



Ignalina District Municipality

Ignalina district municipality is located in the eastern part of Lithuania, in Utena county, at the border with Belarus. The centre of the district municipality – Ignalina – is a young town, surrounded with pinewoods and nine lakes, situated astride the railway line Vilnius–Saint Petersburg, at a crossing of highways. Today, Ignalina is not only an administrative, but also a prospective educational, cultural and tourism centre. In 2007, the residential areas of Ignalina town, Strigailiškis and Palūšė were granted the status of resort areas. Hopefully, given a further consistent development of the infrastructure and expansion of the service network, one more resort will come into existence in Lithuania. New tourism and sports objects appear in the district annually, new projects aimed at the improvement of living conditions of the locals are implemented, which makes the region a more attractive and interesting place.

The idea of the project Public Energy Alternatives (PEA) to extract the energy without the use of any fuel, but solar energy is very attractive municipality of Ignalina. In Dūkštas town (Ignalina district) it will be realized – the local boiler-house will be equipped with solar collectors for water heating. Hot water will be consumed through the centralized hot water supply system. This boiler-house was chosen because the heat supply system is four-pipes and population consumes relatively little hot water - 5-8 cubic meters per day. Collector will be installed on the roof of the boiler-house.

Implementing this project the problem of hot water supply in Dūkštas will be solved – the local inhabitants will get the hot water every day.

Administrative centre – Ignalina
Area –
1447 km² (20.1 % of the county’s area)
Population –
20 147 (11.7 % of the county’s population)