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Saturday, 21.04.2018

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Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant Regional Development Agency

Responsible project manager: Dmitrij Sosunov


Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant Regional Development Agency

Core competencies: The Agency organizes and implements the preparation of the social and economic projects dealing with the mitigation of the negative consequences arising from the decommissioning of  Ignalina NPP.

Brief outline of Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant Regional Development Agency

In anticipation of the job losses resulting from the Decommissioning of the Ignalina Nuclear Power Station in Visaginas, funding was set aside in 2001/2002 from the Economic and Social cohesion Programme for a Technical Assistance Project in order to prepare Statutes and an Operating Plan for a Regional Development Agency for the INPP Region which was seen as a mechanism for coordinating the development actions of both the state and civil society in the region of the three Municipalities of Ignalina, Visaginas and Zarasai.

The TA project, managed by P-E International Consulting from the UK,  prepared Statutes and an Operating Plan for the Ignalina Target Region Development Agency, which was the blue-print for the establishment of a Regional Development Agency ( RDA ).

The objectives of the Agency are as follows:

  • to mitigate the negative social and economic consequences arising from  the  decommissioning of Unit 1 of  INPP on the inhabitants of  the INPP Region;
  • to diminish the immense difference of  economic, cultural, educational and living conditions between the INPP Region and other regions;
  • to provide assistance to enterprises in cooperating with the institutions of the State Power and Government and the entities of foreign countries when arranging the preparation and implementation of social and economic projects;
  • to provide support for the development of market economy, to provide overall assistance to enterprises and businessmen when using the European Union Structural Funds;
  • to advice on the preparation of the National Development Plan.

The participation in the PEA project

Within the PEA project IEARPA takes over the role of coordination of project implementation in INPP region (RWG), in Lithuania (LEI) and on transnational level. It will also foster cooperation in municipal strategies’ and measures’ plans preparation, organize regional partners’ participation in transnational activities (study visits, video conferencing, SCs), awareness raising measures (educational articles on BSR practices, press releases, trainings, national conferences, pilot solutions opening events, leaflets) and assist in reporting for the regional partners and undertaking project evaluation activities.

Expectations from the PEA project

Participating in PEA project, Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant Regional Development Agency expects to raise public awareness on the issue of using sustainable (renewable) energy sources, using existing energy saving potential and finding new ways of doing this. It will be achieved by publishing specialized stories and educational articles on energy alternatives and saving in local newspapers and internet, to organize trainings for 1) inhabitants and for 2) public services providers to show the possibilities of usage of energy alternatives and energy saving.

Moreover, INPP RDA expects to prepare Strategy on energy saving and alternatives and plan of measures for the period of 2011-2025. This strategy will allow to have a plan for regional energy sector development for 15 years period.

What is more, INPP RDA expects to create strong partnership among project partners in the sphere of public energy alternatives. It is vital for project partnership with other countries is a great possibility to exchange knowledge and experience with them.