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Thursday, 19.04.2018

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Zarasai District Municipality Administration

Responsible project manager: Jurgita Kostiakovaite



Zarasai District Municipality Administration

Zarasai District is very interested in looking for possibilities to increase energy efficiency and possibilities to increase energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources. As a municipality we are extremely pleased to have an opportunity to participate in the PEA project and  try to open new doors in the applications of energy fields in our area.

Cooperation with foreign project partners will give an immense opportunity for the field of energy development in the region. The project will contribute to the public awareness of renewable energy and solving energy efficiency issues in Zarasai district. To adopt experiences of other partner regions and participation in regional awareness raising activities through installation of small scale investments locally in order to create demonstrative example of efficient energy use is the main aim for Zarasai in the PEA project. During the project activities Zarasai district municipality expects to prepare energy audits for a few public buildings and technical projects for reconstruction of these buildings in terms of energy efficiency. PEA project will provide additional benefits to Zarasai tourism development which at first sight is completely irrelevant to the energy field.