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Sunday, 22.04.2018

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Võru County Government

Responsible project manager: Merili Reismann


Võru County Government

The County of Võru is the Southern most county of Estonia, the only one bordering two different States - Latvian Republic (in the South) and Russian Federation (in the East). It is bordered to the north by the Põlva County and the Lake Pihkva and to the west by Valga County. The territory of Võrumaa covers 2,305 km² and is influenced by a temperate seasonal climate. 37,888 people live in Võru County – constituting 2.8% of the total population in Estonia. The County centre is Võru town with 14 435 inhabitants.

The county is subdivided into municipalities. There is 1 urban municipality (Võru town) and 12 rural municipalities (parishes) in Võru County. The activities of Võru County Government are realisation of state`s social and healthcare policy in the county, co-ordination of the work of the municipalities, administration of county`s GIS, county`s regional development planning and development of the economic environment and local infrastructure. The Võru County Government is also responsible for keeping population registries, management of land, co-ordination of tourism and transport activities, management of regional development projects and co-ordination of regional international projects and events.

The Võru county`s main economical sectors are forestry and wood processing, furniture and food industry and also tourism. 47% of enterprises in the county belong to primary sector (agriculture, forerstry), 38% of enterprises work in teritary sector (trade, services) and 15% of enterprises are involved in secondary sector (processing industry). The Võru county has long history for keeping active foreign relations on the county level with South-Yutland and Borholm County (Denmark), Värmland County (Sweden) and Keski-Pohjanmaa (Finland). There have been and are still on-going several tourism and development projects with Aluksne District (Latvia) and Pskov Region (Russia) in cooperation with the local municipalities. The Võru County has also been a successful project partner in a INTERREG programme project called “Baltic Rural Broadband Project - Broadband access and Internet use in rural areas as instruments of regional development”.

Participation in the Project “Public Energy Alternatives – Sustainable energy strategies as a chance for regional development” and cooperation with 20 regions/institutions who also take part of this project, offers a possibility to work out an effective, systematic and viable energy development plan of the Võru county. The county`s role in project is to carry out energy research, that investigates type and quantity of energy resources used in local level and gives a clear overview of energy use and ways to increase energy saving and efficiency. Organization’s liability in the project is to work out input of energy research, arrange information enquiry and accomplish the energy research and development plan. After energy researches and development plan the Võru County Government provides relevant knowledge of researches by publications and press articles and regional seminar on energy  efficiency and energy saving. Organization is involved in every stage of project running, including preparation and project following activities, development and implementation of regional energy strategy with the support of the target groups and national and regional politicians. With the PEA project county aims to rethink and remodel regional energy politics and experience the benefits of the use of triple helix approach. With the gained information the Võru County will add value to the project value chain, produce outputs in the Regional Energy Strategies and their actual implementation.