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Friday, 20.04.2018

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Mustvee Municipality

Responsible project manager: Urmas Laur



Mustvee Municipality

Mustvee is a town and municipality in Jõgeva County, Estonia, located  on the western coast of Lake Peipsi (Peipus, the fourth biggest lake in Europe. The name of Mustvee was first recorded in 1493. It became a haven for Russian Old Believers after the Russian government declared them outlaws in 17th century. Mustvee received its town rights in 1938, and at that time the population was 2800.

Area of Mustvee is 5,45 km², its population now is about 1630, and according to year 2000 Population Census, the population of Mustvee is 57% Russian, 41% Estonian and 2% others nationalities.

Beginning of 20th century, Mustvee had 7 churches, for now five churches exist: Estonian Lutheran Church, Betaania Congregation Church, Holy Trinity Church, Russian Old Belivers Church and Russian Orthodox Church.

In 1909, works started for cleaning the river and building Mustvee harbour,  it was guarded against waves with 570 m piers. In 1934 harbour renovation started, new concrete pier was built and opening ceremony was carried out by Konstatin Päts, State Elder of Estonia. This was beginning of passenger shipping to Tartu and regular shipping trade to Tartu, Narva and Pihkva, all that was slowed down in Soviet time. Mustvee Municipality plans to renovate the whole harbour area in near future, a complex with new marina, port building, docks, bridge for light traffick and beach for swimming.

The main source of subsistence historically has been fishing and to a lesser extent, the cultivation of agricultural products (onions, cucumbers, vegetables etc).  Due to its position at the broadest part of the lake, this traditional fishing town is increasingly popular as a tourist centre.

Mustvee Municipality´s small collective has been creative to write projects for town’s development and are grateful to be part of Public  Energy Alternatives (PEA) project as a partner. The municipality has a considerable need for modernising its energy facilities, especially for heating public buildings. Thus, Mustvee will take advantage of the know-how provided by the other partners, gain experience through participating in strategy development and implementation. In return, Mustvee will provide their lessons learned from the different project activities. The municipality support sustainable energy strategies as a possibilty to improve development in rural areas and are trying to find best option for using alternative and sustainable energy in Mustvee, mainly using possibilities of Lake Peipsi.