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Saturday, 21.04.2018

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Rouge Municipality Government

Responsible project manager: Viivika Nagel


Rouge Municipality Government

Rõuge Rural Municipality bears the name of the former parish. Rõuge village is the centre of the municipality and the bigger hamlets there are Nursi, Viitina and Sänna. The picturescue Rõuge area has inspired several Estonian artists and writers and it offers plenty of nature experiences also today.

Rõuge is called the Land of Seven Lakes. Rõuge primeval valley is the home for the chain of the seven deep and clear-watered lakes abundant in fish and connected through the Rõuge river. At the centre of the village, there is Rõuge Suurjärv, which is the deepest in Estonia – 38 metres. The other lakes in valley are called Kaussjärv, Ratasjärv, Liinjärv, Valgjärv, Tõugjärv  and Kahrila.

Rõuge Renewable Energ park and energy class at the school have been created with the purpose to learn about renewable energy and to make it more widespread. The use of nature friendly and renewable energy like ground source heat pumps, solar batteries, water mills and hydraulic ram pumps, are promoted here. An energy trail from Ööbikuorg (the Nightingale Valley) to Ala-rõuge introduces natural landscapes, traditional culture as well new tecnhology.

Rõuge Rural Municipality takes pride in its energy-efficiency, making lots of use of the energy that the beautiful nature provides to its people. There have been 22 water mills working in Rõuge, three of which are also operating today. Water has helped to make flour, produce electricity and power machines.

Forests cover more than a half of the area of te municipality, one third is under fields and grasslands. Introducion on renewable energy gives an important role to biomass – wood waste, energy cultures to be grown on the abandoned agricultural areas.

Rõuge School was founded in 1688. The building of the parish school was erected at the same spot in 1876. Its extension was completed in 1967. The newest part f the house was built in 2003. In 2008, the renovation of all the parts of the schoolhouse was finished. Rõuge school makes use of solar and ground energy. The ground heat pump generates more than 4 kWh of thermal energy with just one kWh of electric energy, the process is environment-friendly and safe. The solar collectors are mounted o the roof of school house and are used to produce some warm water for everyday-use in school.

A 3kW horizontally rotating wind generator has been placed on top of the 25 metres high watching tower in Ööbikuorg. Its true that our area is not the windiest in Estonia, thats why we have chosen the horizontally rotating generator that is specially designed for weak winds. The produced energy is directed to the Ööbikuorg Visitor centre’s supply network (lightning mainly). The windmill has been designed as an independently functioning device.

Rõuge is fast developing municipality with slowly, but firmly growing population. Our idea is to become the pioneering area in district with the good examples of using renewable energy potential in our conditions.