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Thursday, 19.04.2018

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The City of Wittenberge - PEA Lead Partner

Wittenberge is located in the northwest of Brandenburg, directly between Hamburg and Berlin on the river Elbe. Representative for the regional core of growth Perleberg, Wittenberge and Karstädt the city of Wittenberge is the Lead Partner of the project PEA.

In former times the city was a very important industrial site. Besides many small enterprises there were three big companies in the city, one of them the famous Singer sewing machine factory. After the wall came down the importance as an industrial site decreased dramatically. Thousands of jobs got lost and many people left the region. So Wittenberge faces many of the challenges other communities do as well.

Even though the big industry is gone there are still many SME in the region operating in the fields of metal working, food industry, plastics and chemistry, rail technology, mineral oil and biofuels, media and ICT.  Another steadily increasing business sector is the tourism. The whole region “Elbtalaue” is becoming popular with tourists more and more. There are several national and international bicycle routes leading through the area and the versatile wildlife attracts many of interested people.

But besides all this, another promising development in the Prignitz region is the increasing importance of renewable energy sources. Especially the relevance of wind energy and biogas plants has to be termed here. Nearly 75 % of the whole energy demand of the region are covered by renewable energy sources by now.

The significance of the PEA project for Wittenberge and the Prignitz region is not only to strengthen this tendency but although to promote regional development through energy related improvement of added value chains. Already existing structures, networks and knowledge shall be interconnected with the partners from the Baltic countries to gain the most effective and efficient use. So the motto of the PEA project expresses very well the expectations of the city of Wittenberge and the whole Prignitz region: “Sustainable energy strategies as a chance for regional development”.